What about Mater Obscura?

So, what about our "Mater Obscura: A Sine Requie Tale"? We announced it in 2012, went on it for most of 2013 and then stopped communication.

What happened?

During 2012 and 2013, we wrote the whole plot, designed all the quests, designed all the subquests and had them approved by the RPG authors. Then we started making the mocap for the animations. At that point we were discussing with some publishers to have it done, one in particular was a lot into it.

Later on, they decided not to go on with it. The reasons were varied, mostly about how market was moving.

We proposed an alternative project as well, but that one as well was not accepted. Can you believe that? A Zombie game, in 2013, License based, was considered not interesting enough, while all around us the zombie madness was going on (and still does).

We have a very solid rule, a rule that not many indie companies follows, but that we feel it's necessary: whoever works with us must have a proper salary. We, the founders, can avoid this rule, as this is our dream, our risk. It's not the risk of whoever works with us, though.

So we were in front of two choices: close the company and seek a new job or make another game that could be done with what we had.

Seeking a new job would not have been a problem: we have 10+ years of experience. We could have pointed to very high, very well paid positions.

Insteand we decided to go on with what we had, because this is still our dream. "Anna" took us here, and we were sure that "Anna" would have saved us.

We proposed White Heaven to some publishers and one agreed to help us doing it.

"Mater Obscura" is a project in which we believe a lot, for both quality reasons (It's damn beautiful! It really is, it's a fantastic game) and financial reasons (LICENSE BASED ZOMBIE GAME!!!), so we still have our heart on it. But we need money to do it, so another game before it is required.

White Heaven is developed with all the love we have, all the care we can and all the pride we have: it's the most important thing in our life, and now you know why.