Eric Blanc


Eric Blanc, White Heaven’s main character, is the son of the disappeared entrepreneur Joseph Blanc. During the 70s, Joseph managed to secure a grant to build the enormous White Heaven hotel in an area of Val D’Ayas that, until then, was considered not fit for building. Joseph’s plan was to make of that area a skiers’ heaven, pushing the whole local economy to flourish.

A couple of years later, in 1983, Eric is born. Eric’s childhood is inhabited by the presence of a man with a raven’s head, who enters his dreams becoming his imaginary friend. His mother believes it to be only a childhood fantasy, an excuse to justify his mischiefs, Joseph instead takes the matter very seriously. One night, after reading yet another story to his son, Joseph leads the kid to a church where he forces him to spend the night. Eric does not remember what exactly happened in that church, but after that night he never saw the raven-headed man again.

Sadly this newfound serenity doesn’t last much. In 1988, the new mayor states that allowing the construction of the White Heaven has been a mistake of the previous administration and marks the structure as an abomination to take down. Not long after this statement an unsolved homicide in the White Heaven contributes to add fuel to the big controversy surrounding the building.

The hotel’s attendance starts to lower, and the few that still choose the White Heaven for their stay, start complaining about noises related to the presence of mice. In 1989, a second homicide happens. The mayor uses this second homicide as an excuse to strip the hotel of its licence. The White Heaven will shut down definitely before the end of that year.

The day after the shutdown Joseph disappears, leaving his family at the mercy of the people he owed money to. To survive Eric’s mother starts working two jobs, leading her to long periods of absence from home. Eric ends up growing pretty much alone.

Once an adult Eric has to suffer yet another humiliation as he is forced to work for the man that ruined his father. Ultimately, he has no choice in the matter, given his poor economic standing.

Eric bars a profound resentment toward his father, as he cannot forgive him for having abandoned his family without even saying a word. The weight of his life, void of choices and with an uncertain future, is crushing, causing him to be on the brink of depression multiple times. Life washed over him, leaving him with deep scars, but he cannot even imagine what is waiting for him next.

It’s 2012 when three people, that he knows very well, break into his house and kidnap him. Eric is kept under sedatives for two weeks in the husk of the White Heaven, during which he, once again, dreams of the raven-headed man.

What do the kidnappers want from him? Who is the god of which they speak? What are those ‘anchors’ that they’re searching for? These, and many other questions, need answers.

It will not be easy finding those answers though: something horrible is happening in the White Heaven, something that will profoundly change Eric’s life forever.