The music of White Heaven

Hey guy, Alex here :)

When I started working on the soundtrack of White Heaven, I've had to take some important choices. Anna's soundtrack has been beloved by many of you, and I think it's because it describes the inner feeling of the character instead of blatantly give a sound to what's on screen, and I wanted to dig deeper into that.

First of all, I decided that I wanted real players with real instruments: a machine will never be able to deliver what a person can.

Then I decided to keep the music intimate and personal, having an arc quintet and a classic guitar.

To get all this goodness together, you cannot risk a thing and you have to rely on professionals: that's why I contacted Nimrod Studios to help me.

Marc Canham

Marc Canham

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan has orchestrated my score, and Marc has handled the recordings in World famous Abbey Roads Studio 2.

Abbey Roads Studio 2

Abbey Roads Studio 2

They totally got the direction I wanted to give to the music and helped me immensely in this effort. I think that White Heaven is the best music I have ever written. I don't say this too often: I was not very happy with Chantry's "It's on Old Story", so much that I decided to retire it.

Here are some photos and videos from the recording sessions:

New Website!

It's been a while, but we thought is was now time to have a new website to show you the awesome stuff we're working on.

First of all: we founded a new internal team, that we called "Team Luna" (because we're so full of poetry). This team is now 100% taking care of White Heaven and they are making an immensely awesome job. Well, on the base ground they are the same people who did Anna - Extended Edition, so there's nothing to fear from them.

Anna has been a great title for us and from the mail I still receive, I'd say that many of you loved it. Well, I know some of you did not, but we've been listening to you the whole time: we work to be able to mix our view and your desires, to blend them in something that's totally ours and totally yours. Team Luna director will pop in here to explain the job on White Heaven soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy this Winter!