Eric Blanc has been kidnapped, but after two weeks he is offered the chance to escape. Guide him in finding out what has become of White Heaven, the hotel that tore apart his family, in which he is confined. You've never been alone.


White Heaven is set in the same Universe of "Anna", set in a fictional version of the beautiful Ayas Valley, on the peaks of the Western Italian Alps.

White Heaven will be released 2017.


We worked on White Heaven pushing as much as we could into narrative gameplay. This means that the vast majority of the interface and the interaction is there to deliver you emotions.

The whole interface in inside the game world, and will not clutter your screen. As the goal of the game is not to have you pixel-hunt your way around, you'll very easily know what you can interact.

In White Heaven the player will face various gameplay situations:

  • Solve environmental puzzles to reach objects, places and to create obstacles for whoever might want you dead
  • The game has a full Time Of Day system: you cannot go around forever. Eric will get tired and his performance (health, speed, quality of sight) will degradate badly. You'll have to sleep.
  • As you get deeper and deeper into the hotel, you'll find more and more about its inhabitants and what happened there: this will lead you to take choises that will drive you to 2 distinct endings.
  • A creature hunts you: it has an obsession over you and wants you dead. It is weaker during the night, but extremely dangerous during the day. Any time you come out of a safe place, consider what time is is.


White Heaven feels like a survival horror: you'll not have any weapon to fight the creature that hunts you. Also regular humans could be a danger, and they could be even more vicious than the creature.

Compelling characters

Here in Dreampainters we have dedicated a massive amount of time writing the characters of White Heaven: they will drag you into the twisted world in which they live.


White Heaven is developed with the most powerful engine out there, Unreal Engine 4. Dreampainters have been using UE4 since 2012 and it's between the most experienced teams in the world with that engine.

The game features:

  • Real time Global Illumination through Enlighten
  • Coherent UI powered GUI
  • Oculus Rift native support
  • Time of Day
  • All the goodness coming from UE4


We believe that a great game must deliver a good part of its atmosphere through audio, so we've spent some time in Abbey Road studios, were we recorded White Heaven's soundtrack using real instruments only. 

With the supervision of Marc Canham and the direction of Jonathan Williams, Alessandro Monopoli has delivered a truly touching soundtrack.