Eric Blanc


Eric Blanc, White Heaven’s main character, is the son of the disappeared entrepreneur Joseph Blanc. During the 70s, Joseph managed to secure a grant to build the enormous White Heaven hotel in an area of Val D’Ayas that, until then, was considered not fit for building. Joseph’s plan was to make of that area a skiers’ heaven, pushing the whole local economy to flourish.

A couple of years later, in 1983, Eric is born. Eric’s childhood is inhabited by the presence of a man with a raven’s head, who enters his dreams becoming his imaginary friend. His mother believes it to be only a childhood fantasy, an excuse to justify his mischiefs, Joseph instead takes the matter very seriously. One night, after reading yet another story to his son, Joseph leads the kid to a church where he forces him to spend the night. Eric does not remember what exactly happened in that church, but after that night he never saw the raven-headed man again.

Sadly this newfound serenity doesn’t last much. In 1988, the new mayor states that allowing the construction of the White Heaven has been a mistake of the previous administration and marks the structure as an abomination to take down. Not long after this statement an unsolved homicide in the White Heaven contributes to add fuel to the big controversy surrounding the building.

The hotel’s attendance starts to lower, and the few that still choose the White Heaven for their stay, start complaining about noises related to the presence of mice. In 1989, a second homicide happens. The mayor uses this second homicide as an excuse to strip the hotel of its licence. The White Heaven will shut down definitely before the end of that year.

The day after the shutdown Joseph disappears, leaving his family at the mercy of the people he owed money to. To survive Eric’s mother starts working two jobs, leading her to long periods of absence from home. Eric ends up growing pretty much alone.

Once an adult Eric has to suffer yet another humiliation as he is forced to work for the man that ruined his father. Ultimately, he has no choice in the matter, given his poor economic standing.

Eric bars a profound resentment toward his father, as he cannot forgive him for having abandoned his family without even saying a word. The weight of his life, void of choices and with an uncertain future, is crushing, causing him to be on the brink of depression multiple times. Life washed over him, leaving him with deep scars, but he cannot even imagine what is waiting for him next.

It’s 2012 when three people, that he knows very well, break into his house and kidnap him. Eric is kept under sedatives for two weeks in the husk of the White Heaven, during which he, once again, dreams of the raven-headed man.

What do the kidnappers want from him? Who is the god of which they speak? What are those ‘anchors’ that they’re searching for? These, and many other questions, need answers.

It will not be easy finding those answers though: something horrible is happening in the White Heaven, something that will profoundly change Eric’s life forever.

White Heaven FAQ

What is White Heaven?

White Heaven is a horror first person game set in a colossal mountain hotel, from which it takes its title. The White Heaven is not an actual place, but it is set in Val D’Ayas and designed following the architectural canons of the region.

 The White Heaven has been empty for years; it’s a maze of hallways and rooms hiding unspeakable mysteries that are indelibly tied to two local cults, which history is certainly known to anyone who played Dreampainters’ first adventure: Anna.

 The player will have to explore this hotel, solving puzzle and uncovering the truth behind the kidnapping of Eric Blanc. While there is an inventory, the environmental puzzles are not as tied to the tradition of point-and-click adventures as the ones in Anna were.


What is the tie between Anna and White Heaven?

While not directly following its narrative, White Heaven is set in the same narrative universe as Anna.

 The game will be perfectly enjoyable by those who are not familiar with what happened in Anna, but the people who have played through our previous adventure will be delighted to find many callbacks to it.


Who is Eric Blanc?

Eric is White Heaven’s protagonist. At the start of the game he is kidnapped by mysterious figures and brought to one of the gloomy rooms of the hotel. As the player, your task is to guide him, piecing together what are the motivations of his kidnappers and why they choose his father’s ruined hotel as his prison.


What technologies did you use to develop White Heaven?

White Heaven is based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 and has been developed by using some third party middlewares like Geometric’s Enlighten, the best choice currently on the market for dynamic lighting. We also used Truesky for a realistic simulation of the sky and Coherent UI to develop the user interface.


White Heaven has been revealed for the first time in 2013, what happened to the game since then?

White Heaven has kept growing and being developed through various focus tests. The graphics and the game system have been completely updated in order to make the game more dynamic and engaging. We also added two additional playable characters, aside from Eric, of who we will talk about in future updates.


Who composed the soundtrack?

Alessandro Monopoli, White Heaven’s Game Director and already composer for Anna’s soundtrack, has composed the soundtrack, which has then been produced by Marc Canham. Jonathan Williams directed the orchestra.


When, and for which platforms, will the game be released?

Our goal is to release the game before the end of 2016. The exact date currently depends on multiple factors that we cannot reveal.

Currently White Heaven is in development only for Windows PC, but we would love to see it also running on consoles, as it has already been for Anna.


What system will be needed to run the game?

We don’t yet have the final system requirements for the game, but we are trying to optimize it to make it playable by the largest number of systems possible.


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White Heaven Teaser

Milan -  February 24, 2016 - Who kidnapped Eric Blanc? What is happening in the biggest Hotel in the Alps? What horrible secrets is it hiding? Find out in White Heaven, the new first person horror adventure from the team that brought you Anna, the hit game that to today counts more than 230.000 units sold.

Planned for release in 2016, White Heaven is set in the same narrative universe as Anna, an alternate Val d’Ayas. The game has been developed using some of the latest graphical technologies, like Unreal Engine 4, Geometric’s Enlighten dynamic lighting, Truesky and Coherent UI.

Dreampainters once again stages a conflict of primordial powers older than man itself, with which Eric will have to fight, or at least bargain, to survive. The player will explore the dark corridors of the hotel in which Eric is trapped, The White Heaven, and bring to light the mysteries that lie in them.

The launch trailer shows some of the in-game environments as rendered by the game engine. For more details, feel free to contact

- Narrative oriented horror adventure with a focus on puzzle-solving;
- Tense gameplay that does not rely on jump-scares;
- Developed using modern graphical technologies: Unreal Engine 4, Enlighten, Truesky e Coherent UI;
- Set in the same narrative universe as Anna;
Other infos:
Platform: Windows PC
Release Date: 2016

Photogrammetry in White Heaven

We've been very busy recently setting up a pipeline to use photogrammetry in our games. Recently, after "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" has shown what can be done with it, it has become a must to look into.

We found it very interesting, and to have objects that really come from the Ayas valley in our game, we decided we needed it in White Heaven.

So, we've planned some visits in locations to do some captures. When got home and started working on the meshes, we understood that the quality we got in this way would have been extremely hard to replicate with canonical solutions: there's too much variation in real world objects, and using this technology we've been able to have that kind of variation with at a very fair price.

So, here are some screenshots of a selection of objects in game: hope you'll like them!

What about Mater Obscura?

So, what about our "Mater Obscura: A Sine Requie Tale"? We announced it in 2012, went on it for most of 2013 and then stopped communication.

What happened?

During 2012 and 2013, we wrote the whole plot, designed all the quests, designed all the subquests and had them approved by the RPG authors. Then we started making the mocap for the animations. At that point we were discussing with some publishers to have it done, one in particular was a lot into it.

Later on, they decided not to go on with it. The reasons were varied, mostly about how market was moving.

We proposed an alternative project as well, but that one as well was not accepted. Can you believe that? A Zombie game, in 2013, License based, was considered not interesting enough, while all around us the zombie madness was going on (and still does).

We have a very solid rule, a rule that not many indie companies follows, but that we feel it's necessary: whoever works with us must have a proper salary. We, the founders, can avoid this rule, as this is our dream, our risk. It's not the risk of whoever works with us, though.

So we were in front of two choices: close the company and seek a new job or make another game that could be done with what we had.

Seeking a new job would not have been a problem: we have 10+ years of experience. We could have pointed to very high, very well paid positions.

Insteand we decided to go on with what we had, because this is still our dream. "Anna" took us here, and we were sure that "Anna" would have saved us.

We proposed White Heaven to some publishers and one agreed to help us doing it.

"Mater Obscura" is a project in which we believe a lot, for both quality reasons (It's damn beautiful! It really is, it's a fantastic game) and financial reasons (LICENSE BASED ZOMBIE GAME!!!), so we still have our heart on it. But we need money to do it, so another game before it is required.

White Heaven is developed with all the love we have, all the care we can and all the pride we have: it's the most important thing in our life, and now you know why.


Oculus Rift DK2 arrived

Hey all!

We've been optimizing White Heaven for Oculus Rift since the very beginning, so we decided to update our DK1 kit to DK2. It's not the newest stuff out there (we're getting that as well), but it was definitely something new for our producer, Mario, who is not fully accustomed to VR kits.

Unboxing caught his attention

But in the end he is a producer, and is way more interested into checking out our work schedule.

More news about VR support soon!

The music of White Heaven

Hey guy, Alex here :)

When I started working on the soundtrack of White Heaven, I've had to take some important choices. Anna's soundtrack has been beloved by many of you, and I think it's because it describes the inner feeling of the character instead of blatantly give a sound to what's on screen, and I wanted to dig deeper into that.

First of all, I decided that I wanted real players with real instruments: a machine will never be able to deliver what a person can.

Then I decided to keep the music intimate and personal, having an arc quintet and a classic guitar.

To get all this goodness together, you cannot risk a thing and you have to rely on professionals: that's why I contacted Nimrod Studios to help me.

Marc Canham

Marc Canham

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan has orchestrated my score, and Marc has handled the recordings in World famous Abbey Roads Studio 2.

Abbey Roads Studio 2

Abbey Roads Studio 2

They totally got the direction I wanted to give to the music and helped me immensely in this effort. I think that White Heaven is the best music I have ever written. I don't say this too often: I was not very happy with Chantry's "It's on Old Story", so much that I decided to retire it.

Here are some photos and videos from the recording sessions:

New Website!

It's been a while, but we thought is was now time to have a new website to show you the awesome stuff we're working on.

First of all: we founded a new internal team, that we called "Team Luna" (because we're so full of poetry). This team is now 100% taking care of White Heaven and they are making an immensely awesome job. Well, on the base ground they are the same people who did Anna - Extended Edition, so there's nothing to fear from them.

Anna has been a great title for us and from the mail I still receive, I'd say that many of you loved it. Well, I know some of you did not, but we've been listening to you the whole time: we work to be able to mix our view and your desires, to blend them in something that's totally ours and totally yours. Team Luna director will pop in here to explain the job on White Heaven soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy this Winter!